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Photoshop 9: Changing the Canvas Size

To add more space around the existing image, select Canvas Size... from the Image menu (to change the size of a whole image see Re-sizing an Image). It will bring up the following dialog box.

canvas size

If, after placing text or doing other things to your image, you find that you've run out of room, you can easily change the size of the space (canvas) you're working within. This dialog box shows you the current size of your canvas (you can change the units of the dimensions it shows you to inches, etc... by clicking on the pull down menu next to the width/height fields).

The anchor diagram below the dimensions area allows you to control where the new space you will be adding to your workspace will go. The way that it is set up in this dialog box, any expansion will be evenly distributed on either side of the current space.

NOTE: The additional size added to your image will take on the 'foreground' color choice.