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Photoshop 12: Lesson Activity - Create a collage in Adobe Photoshop

This exercise requires a familiarity with Photoshop and its menus and commands. It will show you some basic tricks to use to create a collage image. If the steps are not familiar, go back and review the other steps found under Photoshop Basics. You will also find links referenced in some of the steps below, that give you the specific lesson covering that topic.

First, save three images that you would like to copy into a new image like the example below. Please feel free to pick any images you like. You can find some good images at OU's Visitor Center - Gallery.

This is a fun simple exercise that will show your creativity. Enjoy!!

Other Ideas - OU Business School web site uses a collage concept.

  1. Open Photoshop
  2. Open all 3 images that you are using.
  3. Create a New Image with a White Background that is 800 x 600 pixels. Make this really big for now. You will copy your images inside this new file and you want plenty of room to move around while you design this new collage. You will crop this image to its exact size when you are done.
    New Image
  4. Select the Marquee Tool and set the 'feather option' to 5 px (pixels) marquee toolfeather option
  5. Click & Drag around the area of one of your pictures that you want to copy to the new collage image. You will see rounded edges to the marquee selection that will feather nicely into your new image.
    Jacobson Selection
    Select Edit - Copy
  6. Click on the new blank collage image and Select Edit - Paste. You will need to move this new pasted layer around to where you want it. Use the Move Tool- move tool !!

    The Move Tool is selected on the tool bar and the Layer that contains the image is highlighted. Now you are ready to move this image to a new location on your collage page.
  7. Do this for all 3 pictures and move them around till you have them in a creative arrangement.
    Remember, you need to select the layer that you want to move. Also you can move layers up and down in order to change the way they lay on top of each other.
  8. You can also change the opacity of a layer - to fade it out. Just select the layer that you want and then change the opacity.
    Here is a larger example so far:
    Collage Layers
    1. Note the Movel tool is selected so you can choose which layer you need to move around to get the look you want.
    2. Layer 3 is highlighted & ready to move about
    3. Note the Seed Sower image has the Opacity changed to 50%
  9. Add some text information that you might want to use for links.
  10. Once you have all your images and text in place, you will need to CROP the image down to just the size you need.
    Collage final
  11. When you are satisfied, save your original image as a Photoshop PSD file, so you can use it again with the layer information.
  12. Finally, save your web image.

    Select File - Save for the Web!