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Welcome to the World of Adobe Photoshop!

This is an incredible tool filled with features to make you a graphic artist. But since we can't all be artists, most of us just want to learn how to do some basic work with images. This workshop will help you do that. You will find tips on where to find images and what are the best formats to use. Most of the time, you will find images on the web or you will scan in a picture to convert to a digital image. Since Photoshop offers so many tools and features, this course will simplify the steps you need to know in order to do some basic things such as:

  • improving the quality of an image
  • resizing an image
  • selecting parts of an image & copying to a new image
  • adding text to an image.

 Here are some other ideas to think about that you can do with Photoshop:

Good luck and enjoy learning about Photoshop!

One another note, Adobe now offers a reduced academic version of Photoshop called Photoshop Elements. This tool provides a simplified interface that lets you create high-quality images for print, email or the web. It opens with a 'Welcome Screen' that gives you specific shortcuts for getting started.

You will find Adobe Photoshop in all of the IT Computer Labs around campus. If you want to purchase Photoshop, the Campus bookstore can get you academic pricing that runs approximately $400.00 as of this writing. The bookstore is located in the Union or Hester Hall. You can call the main store at 325-3511 for pricing and availability. So let's get started!