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Photoshop 8: Selection Tools - Different Ways to Select Part(s) of an Image

There are many ways to select your image or parts of your image. If you want to do specific editing where you select part of an image according to certain needs, there are several different selection tools to choose from: basic ones and the lasso tools. Here's a basic description of what each tool does.

marquee Rectangular Marquee Tool
Selects a rectangular or square (hold down the shift key) area.

Elliptical Marquee Tool
Selects an elliptical or circular (hold down the shift key) area.

lasso Lasso Tool
Selects the area within a free-form shape that you draw.
polygonal Polygonal Lasso Tool
Selects the area within a polygon that you draw.
magnetic lasso Magnetic Lasso Tool
This tool is a little more difficult to explain in words, but if you try it out you should get the idea. The magnetic aspect of it is attracted to edges between different colors so that you can relatively easily select an object.

Since selections are not often perfect on the first try, you can add or delete portions of an existing selection by just holding down on the shift (add) or control (delete) key and making another selection.

Here is an example of the Polygonal Lasso Tool

We started with this Arch Picture - #1. Using the Polygonal Lasso Tool we selected part of the arch as seen in picture #2. Then we copied the selection, opened a new image using a 'transparent background' and pasted the selected image as seen in picture #3.

Arch 1# 1 Arch 2 #2

Arch 3 #3

NOTE: A transparent background, allows for the background color of the web page to surround the image rather than a white box. If you choose transparent background, you have to save your final image as a GIF format.

Note: The following information is associated with an older version of Photoshop, but you might find it useful.