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Photoshop 11: Adding Text to a Photoshop Image

Using Photoshop for text can be a good idea if you would like to put text on top of an image or if you want to do something special with a certain piece of text that would be difficult or impossible with a program like Dreamweaver.

To place text, click on the Type tool in the tool bar; a cursor will appear on the image.

NOTE: If the image turns red all over, you are in the wrong mode - Change to RGR mode - Select Image - Mode - RBG.

text example

In this example above, you can see the Text Tool is selected text tool. The Text Options window is now available at the top:
text options

You can set the font type, size, alignment, color and more in this option window.

Note: The text is added as a new Layer, so you can change it easily, hide it if needed or delete it.

To start a new text layer

You have to de-select the Text Tool by selecting another tool. Then you can select the Text Tool again and click on the image and you should be working in a new text layer.

Note: The following information is associated with an older version of Photoshop, but you might find it useful.  


  1. Using the OU Arch Image or any Image of your choice, select the Text Tool.
  2. Choose a font, size and color for your text.
  3. Click anywhere on the image and type in some text - like a Banner Message - "Welcome to OU!!"
  4. Using the Move Tool , position this text at the top of your image. You should be able to use your mouse to move the text around the screen (you can also use the arrow keys).
  5. Select the Text Tool again and type in another line of text following the steps above. Example text could be: "Norman, OK"
  6. Again, using the Move Tool, position this text at the bottom of your image.
  7. Practice hiding text layers by clicking on the "EYE" in the layer window.
  8. Save your current work as a Photoshop PSD file so you preserve the layers. Select File - Save - arch.psd in your workspace.
  9. Then 'Save for the Web' your new Image with Text. You will need to give it a new name such as arch_banner.jpg

Example Image for Lesson (double click & save):
OU Arch Image

What your image might look like after the lesson: