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Photoshop 15: Photoshop Web Gallery Feature

Web galleries are a useful and easy way to display a series of images, either for use on a web site or just to show as a slide show in class. This page goes over creating and maintaining/editing an existing gallery.

Creating a Web Gallery


Web galleries are created within Photoshop, but before anything is done within Photoshop, the images you wish to put into the gallery need to be set up in a certain way in Windows.

First of all, all the images need to be in one folder — a folder devoted to just those images. The order they appear in the folder when they're viewed as an alphabetical list is the order they will appear in the web gallery. If you want the images to be in a different order than alphabetical by filename (which is normally how they appear), change the filenames (i.e. putting numbers before the name of each file) to correspond to the order you want the images to appear in. This will be your Source folder. An example is shown below.

web gallery

The next step is to set up your Destination folder. This is eventually where all the files that Photoshop generates will go. If you want to incorporate the gallery into a website, set up a folder in the same place as your other website files. It should just be an empty folder.

Now you're ready to start up Photoshop. Once it has loaded, select Automate > Web Photo Gallery from the File menu

web gallery.

This will bring up the following dialog box:

web gallery options

Option Review:

  • You can choose from several styles listing in the pull down menu. An example thumbnail is shown.
  • Note the Browse (Source) and Destination Folders. The Destination Folder is what you will upload to your web space.
  • You can add more info such as a Site Name, Photographer, and Contact Info. etc.