PowerPoint 10: Using Slide Transitions

PowerPoint lets you create "animations" to liven up on-screen presentations. Animations are text, images, or other elements that appear on a slide at timed intervals or with a mouse click. Animations are often accompanied by a sound effect.

Slide transitions are similiar to custom animations. They are effects that happen as you change from one slide to the next as opposed to effects on content within a slide.

NOTE: You may find it useful to bring a layered object into a presentation one layer at a time, building it on-screen. This topic is covered under Custom Animations.

  • Select Slide Show - Slide Transitions
    In the right-window page, you can choose the speed, add sound and select whether to automatically change slides after a certain time or by a mouse click. NOTE: This transition will only be applied to the current slide unless you select the 'Apply to All Slides' Button.
    slide transition

NOTE: PowerPoint2000XP has another feature called Animation Schemes. These transitions add several effects. Be careful using these - too much animation can be annoying to the audience!(Select - Slide Show - Animation Schemes)

Note: The following information on transitions might be useful.

Lesson Activity: OU Tour Tutorial - Slide Transitions

Now that we have covered Master Slides, let's take a look at ways to animate your slide show. We will begin with using slide transitions. Let's 'liven up' our OU Tour presentation with transitions. In most cases, be consistent and just choose one tranisiton for the entire slide show. Also remember PowerPoint 2000XP has several new transitions. If you ever need to edit your slide show in a lower version of PowerPoint, those newer transitions will not be available.

Select Slide Show - Slide Transitions

A panel on the right will appear with your various selection choices:

Apply to selected slides: displays a list of transitions. Select one and test it.

Modify transition

  • Speed: you have 3 choices here - Fast, Medium or Slow
  • Sound: you have several choices here. You also have the option to turn it off and a certain number of slides.

Advance Slide: The default is mouse click. You can use the Automatic timing if you want the slide show to run on its own.

Apply to All Slides: You must select this or your transition will only play on the current slide.

For your Tour slide show, make your choices! Test it out a few times, before you move on.

My selection was Split Vertical Out. I know this selection will also work under older versions of PowerPoint if I need to run or edit the show using an older version.