We have built the reactors and worked out the procedure for synthesizing zeolite–like materials with pore sizes up to 30 nanometers in diameter. We have fine-tuned the procedure and process conditions for ease of use by the students. We have also developed a standard procedure s for using the mesoporous material to form nanowires. A lab manual for the procedures still needs to be prepared. Figure 4a below shows the hexagonal pores synthesized out of silica. Figure 4b shows nanowires of silver synthesized in the pores via a precipitation of a silver salt. The pores are ~9 nanometers in diameter. Figure 4c shows the vacuum furnace we have partial finished that is used to calcine the mesopores material in its final preparation step. The procedure involves two steps:

• Synthesis: via surfactant templating of sol-gel reaction and calcinations in a furnace. Reactor and procedure established in our laboratory. Addition of metal salt and calcination high temperature.

• Characterization: Student will characterize material via atomic force microscopy and electron microscopy.