• COLOMBIAN ALUMNI ASSOCIATION: COUAA is a group of Colombian alumni from the University of Oklahoma who understand the value of education and the effort that some Colombian students are making to come to OU to pursue a degree. COUAA provides Scholarship Fund for COLSA members.

  • OU INTERATIONAL STUDENT SERVICES: OU ISS should be the first point of contact for incoming international students. OU ISS, along with the office of Education Abroad, presents a mandatory New International Student Orientation program each semester.

  • INTERNATIONAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE: The International Advisory Committee is an executive student body that represents the international students, and coordinates the efforts of the international student organizations.

  • STUDENT LIFE: The mission of the Student Life Office is to provide motivation, encouragement, guidance, and support to all students as they progress through their collegiate experience.

  • TOURISM IN COLOMBIA: Colombia is a country for exploring, resting, becoming acquainted with its history, culture, and traditions, falling in love, caring for your health, and learning a multitude of things.

  • FUNDACIÓN YO CREO EN COLOMBIA: The Fundación Yo Creo en Colombia (I Believe in Colombia Foundation) focuses on generating competitiveness, creativity and innovation by fostering confidence in ourselves and identifying opportunities in several areas in the country. These methodologies have already been implemented by companies, community groups, educational and governmental institutions, always yielding satisfactory results.

  • TEKUMBÉ BAND: Tekumbé’s music is a fusion between Vallenato, Salsa, Cumbia, and Gaita, with elements of blues, rock and reggae . Tekumbé was created in Norman by COLSA members and is one of the most popular Latin bands in Oklahoma and Texas.
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